Yesterday's version introduced a bug which made it impossible to join multi-player games. This has now been fixed.
7/3/'10 03:53
I updated to the latest version. Everything looks okay except it seems like Jazz's normal bullets are shooting our of his ears? Other bullets look fine.
7/3/'10 12:39
It's a sort of half-old, half-new bug.

Previously, the player always shot from a fixed point. This was bad because it meant you couldn't shoot lower while crouching, so in the latest version the point is retrieved from the current animation.

In Jazz's falling animation, he does shoot out of his ears, presumably to account for people's delayed reactions. Every now and then, OpenJazz thinks Jazz is falling even when he isn't, which is why the bullets shoot out of his ears.

As well as fixing crouching, the changes mean that when Jazz is teetering on the edge of a platform, it no longer looks like he's shooting out of his... erm... posterior. You decide whether or not this is a good thing!
7/3/'10 23:01
What I mean is that Jazz seems to be firing out of his ears when he is standing still, even if he is not near a ledge - just on a flat surface WITH flat surface all around. And it's not occasionally, it's all the time.
If he is moving, ie. moving in one direction and firing, the bullets appear from the right point. If he is crouching, they are also correct.

To me it seems like Jazz is always falling even when he is not.
8/3/'10 15:27
Argh, that's not good. I'll look into it.
8/3/'10 22:42
It must be a very recent change as it was only in the latest version updates where this started happening.
Thanks for all your hard work, OpenJazz is really nice piece of software!
10/3/'10 22:22
By the way, I have a new port of the latest source code for the GP32. I will also endeavor to port this to the Dingoo A320. I'm just waiting to hear back from you about the "shooting out of the ears" bug.
10/3/'10 23:04
I've just committed the fix to svn. It turns out I'd completely misdiagnosed the problem.

It wasn't the falling animation, it was the standing animation. It was supposed to be using the shooting animation, but wasn't switching to this until after the bullet had been generated.
11/3/'10 10:38
I've updated the changes... Superb! That's looking great.
Do you have any more changes planned soon?
11/3/'10 11:21
There are always planned changes! But no, I don't expect anything in the next few days.
12/3/'10 00:35
Okay, I will create a new GP32 release as it's in a pretty good state and is a nice improvement over the older release.
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