Hi! My name's Alister. This is my website. It started off as an experiment in 1996, and never really stopped.
Once again, a new year is with us (and has been for some time). We've entered not only the 2010s, but also the second quarter-century of my life. With my Amazon contract finished, what better time to move on to pastures new?

So, this time next week I'll be living in London. Okay, it's not exactly pastoral, but you get the idea.

In other news, OpenJazz has been undergoing development on sourceforge, and I've been working on another film with EMPS.
3/3/'10 11:31
She who gave you life that quarter of a century ago (aaargh!) wouldn't mind hearing from you occasionally!xxx
Wishing everyone a merry Christmas!
Ready to go out and do today's Christmas shopping. And have been for several hours.
Have just discovered the world's most tragic supermarket product. Tesco 100g Christmas Pudding. Serves 1.
Save Doctor Who ribbonSometime between 7pm and 9pm GMT today, GeoCities finally closed down. Many of us have fond/embarassing memories of the service that provided us with our first web presence. In commemoration, I've put up a reconstruction of one of the earliest incarnations of my GeoCities site. It's cobbled together from files scattered around my hard disk, so it may not be a perfect snapshot. Apart from some minor changes to get them to work, though, each page is entirely original.

As you may be able to guess, I was a little bit of a Doctor Who fan.

Retro clichés to look out for: animated GIFs, embedded MIDI, web rings, "best viewed with netscape navigator 3.0 or better," and JavaScript gimmicks. Watch out for an actual example of the Millennium Bug (which, interestingly, Firefox and Internet Explorer deal with differently). For the web developers among you, check out the source code and stare in a disbelieving manner at the funky JavaScript.

In my defence, I was 13 at the time. And, who knows? Maybe a decade from now, the current site will seem appallingly ill-conceived.

Returning to the present for a moment, I feel compelled by GeoCities-esque "neighbourly" duty to mention a few of my friends' websites. First up is Spotify.fm, a service which tells you when music by your last.fm artists is released on Spotify. After that, there's Very Top Five, which is amusing.
Christopher Brooks
5/11/'09 15:00
I am in cat, but not in hat: Blood, phlegm, bones, bile, veins, bits of dead mice, whiskers, eyes. They could all be in a hat, but surely only in unusual circumstances, and not in any hat I would consider wearing.

Fur could well be in a hat I would wear, unless it was cat fur.
Looking at my old GeoCities pages, infinite joy as I hear one of them trying to read images from the A: drive.
As of today, I've been working for 3 months. Yay! I've also got a new kitchen, and the flat has just been painted. Also yay! Furthermore, EMPS got going again last week. More yay!

Now for the sad part. Today I received an e-mail from Yahoo entitled "Final notice: GeoCities is closing". GeoCities was this site's first ever host, way back when I was knee-high to a grasshopper. Last year I brought back some of the site's original content. Stay tuned for more.

Still, out with the old, in with the new. After much indecision, I've joined Twitter, and you can see the results in the box above.
Just eaten the first mince pie of the season. And the second. Mmm!
Joined this new-fangled "Twitter" thing, after prompting by @kittenthebad. Look, I can totally use @ signs and everything.
OpenJazz News
I now have a job! I start on Monday at a company called Amazon. I think they sell books on the Internet or something.

I've also been elected EMPS Webmaster, and I've been working on a new website.

I've been with 5quidhost for a year now. They provide me with statistics! Among other things, I know that 25.6% of visitors arrive via this Wikipedia page. It was 37.7% last year.

Speaking of Wikipedia, I came across this recently.
OpenJazz News
Another update
OpenJazz News
Further update
OpenJazz News
Important fix
This as been a pretty good few days, all told.

Saturday saw our Western film winning an EMPS Golden Video Award. Here's a picture of the group shortly after our win:
Group photo

On Sunday, I released a new version of OpenJazz. It now has multiplayer support! It's already been ported to Mac OS X.
OpenJazz News

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