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Occupy Harrow
In October, I moved to Harrow, north west London. This is the first time I've lived near a tube station. Years ago, I would have taken the Underground to see London's most amazing sights. Now, I take it to go to the supermarket. Oh, the glamour!

I've added mini-updates to the main page of the site, so it's a one-stop shop for news, tweets, OpenJazz updates, and sporadic Wikipedia Articles of the Day. It's like a one-man social networking site, assuming you're bad at spotting oxymorons.

In other news, I now have my very own entry on IMDB, thanks to Anne LaBarbera!
4/5/'12 05:50

Check out my show on Harrow Community Radio. I'd like to welcome you as a new Harrovian! Hope you have a happy weekend and maybe tune into my show on Monday. I'm looking for people who want to join my happiness campaign in Harrow.

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