Jazz Jackrabbit 2 levels (bis)
Thursday's release was on Canada Day, so appropriately enough today's is on U.S. Independence Day.

This version makes several improvements to JJ2 levels. I forgot to mention that none of the JJ2 support would have been possible without Neobeo's documentation of the JJ2 file formats (available here). So, big thanks there!

Other improvements include Newspaz's fixes to enemies' shooting.
27/2/'14 10:43
I started to port jazz 2 to android. I managed to implement the main menu(Only new game works by now). The episode selection screen also works good but when it comes to loading the map... i fail. Character loading is going well but i have no idea how to load levels in android. I tried various methods but none worked. I would greatly appreciate if you would give me an advice or give me the code for that.
4/3/'14 13:50
Alister please reply. I really need your help :(
4/3/'14 15:21
There is already an Android port. What exactly are you trying to do? Port it to Java? What specific problems are you having loading data?
4/3/'14 23:53
I am trying to port jazz2 to android devices and i have no idea how to load maps. Would you be so kind to give me the code for doing that? I am not a novice android programmer nor an expert..however i am willing to learn and if you can help me with this piece of code it will be great ;)
5/3/'14 00:00
Also if you have time, maybe i would need further advices. For now is ok but i'm sure i will need your help again :). So if you don't mind, may i have your email id so i can send you any problems that i encounter?
5/3/'14 00:41
przemub pointed me to this articles and from what i understood this 2 would help me : 1)

Now my question is: How do i put that into android language? Will i use ImageView to display the map?
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