Slowly but Surely
Once again, there are no grand new features in today's new version - just a whole load of small changes that bring the gameplay several steps closer to the original. Go get it!
15/2/'14 07:44

I was thinking about porting this to libretro, would you mind?

If you agree and we get something working would you accept the libretro port upstream?
21/2/'14 00:50
Sure, go ahead! I don't know what it would involve, but I imagine it would be possible to incorporate it later.
28/5/'14 17:12
Holy smokes!
OpenJazz on RetroArch is going to be AWESOME, because RetroArch fixes framerate and makes the game run at the native physical mode refresh rate, so the games and emulators run smooth as silk! Can't wait for this!!
28/10/'14 17:42
there is a lot of other errors in this version
18/12/'14 16:36
I'm having issues trying to compile this version on Linux. As far as I understand, I need to run the following:


However, it stumbles over ./configure with the following error:
./configure: line 1727: syntax error near unexpected token `-Wall'
./configure: line 1727: `AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE(-Wall foreign subdir-objects tar-pax no-dist-gzip dist-xz)'

Any clues why it is doing this?
4/2/'15 01:31
Can you please update the wii version?

Tried to compile it myself but failed.

Would be great - thanks.
4/2/'15 01:55
Just tried to compile once again but cannot svn checkout. Dunno why but "" doesn't exist anymore!

What's going on...?
Wubbo Ockels
29/11/'15 13:31
Are you planning Jazz Jackrabbit 2 and Jazz Jackrabbit 3D open source edition soon?

4/1/'16 14:59
Are you planning Holiday Hare '94 and '95 for OpenJazz on PC and Android?
Eva Earlong
7/2/'16 22:37
Are you planning to add unused levels Atlantis and Dreamland to Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Plus?
14/11/'16 02:04
Hi everyone,

Thanks for getting in touch. Sorry it's taken so long to reply, I don't check this very often.

To answer most of your questions: I'm afraid I can only provide support for the Windows version.

I'm not planning any further support for Jazz Jackrabbit 2, nor any kind of support for Jazz Jackrabbit 3D. If you want more features in JJ2, I recommend JJ2+ (

OpenJazz already supports Holiday Hare '94 and '95, as well as custom level packs (though support for these tends to be quite buggy).

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