Jazz Jackrabbit™ Re-release

Jazz Jackrabbit™ has just been re-released by GOG! The release includes all 11 original episodes — 1 to 6, A to C (from the CD edition), the Christmas Edition episode and Holiday Hare '95.

I've tried it out, and I can confirm that the data files are fully compatible with OpenJazz. If you've been using OpenJazz with just the shareware episodes, now's your chance to get the full experience!

24/1/'18 15:33
So this is true? Like, I can get to play the re-release of the original game? *-*

So far the music hasn't been working for me with the shareware version and there has been some minor in game issues -

Will this solve the problem and be true to original, even when run through openjazz?

some jackrabbit
9/10/'18 21:14

Not sure where to report this but your rss feed is malformed because of the ™ entity

It prevents access to it from some RSS readers (e.g. TT-RSS)
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