Yesterday's version introduced a bug which made it impossible to join multi-player games. This has now been fixed.
7/3/'10 03:53
I updated to the latest version. Everything looks okay except it seems like Jazz's normal bullets are shooting our of his ears? Other bullets look fine.
7/3/'10 12:39
It's a sort of half-old, half-new bug.

Previously, the player always shot from a fixed point. This was bad because it meant you couldn't shoot lower while crouching, so in the latest version the point is retrieved from the current animation.

In Jazz's falling animation, he does shoot out of his ears, presumably to account for people's delayed reactions. Every now and then, OpenJazz thinks Jazz is falling even when he isn't, which is why the bullets shoot out of his ears.

As well as fixing crouching, the changes mean that when Jazz is teetering on the edge of a platform, it no longer looks like he's shooting out of his... erm... posterior. You decide whether or not this is a good thing!
Despite the bugs and unimplemented features, it used to be possible to play to the end of almost every level. However, as the code has evolved, some levels became impassable.

There's a new version up now, with several bug fixes. It's now possible to finish every single level. Trust me - I've spent much of the last few days doing exactly that!

P.S. There are now two Windows downloads. One contains all the files and libraries, the other one contains just an update.
7/3/'10 02:34
I'm currently updating the GP32 port of OpenJazz. Thanks for all the hard work in create OpenJazz in the first place, it's a nice piece of code - and the game is great fun too!
Xbox 360
I've just found out there's an Xbox 360 version of OpenJazz - get it here!

I've also uploaded a more recent snapshot of the source code, with up-to-date makefiles.
13/4/'10 02:05
=D Thanks for making such a wonderful project. It was a great pleasure to work with the code and I really hope I can give something back soon.
New release
There's a new version available to download. It introduces the previously mentioned race mode, and fixes several bugs.

Additionally, this version features a lot of work by anotherguest to get the cutscenes working!
OpenJazz is now on SourceForge.

This was done for a variety of reasons:
  • Other developers can now contribute code more easily. This means that the code for ports can now be re-integrated with the main codebase. It also means that there is less of a barrier for other people to contribute improvements.
  • I usually wait until I have several new features before I release the latest version of the source code. Now there's an SVN repository, I can upload bug fixes and new features as soon as they're done.
  • Bug reports and feature requests can be tracked in a more consistent manner. I've added a few example bugs to the tracker myself, feel free to add your own.

So, how's OJ development going? Well, I've rearranged the code into more files and - get this - folders. There's now a framework for adding new game modes, and I've used this to add a race mode. Additionally, the compatibility problem with J2E-generated level files has been fixed.
26/1/'10 19:39

How about adding a command line parameter for enabling fullscreen support at launch?
10/2/'10 19:35
Sure, no problem.