Slow-Motion Turbo
According to Wikipedia, today is the 18th anniversary of the first Jazz Jackrabbit™ game being released! To mark the occasion, I've released a new version.

Development has been slow recently, but since the last news update the following features have been added:
  • Slow motion.
  • The option to change the difficulty setting mid-game.
1/9/'12 21:06
I am not able to play any of Jazz Jackrabbit 2 levels :( Tried .j2l, .j2t, .LEV and none of them worked :(
27/3/'13 23:23
ofc this is for jazz, not for jazz2
23/7/'13 02:50
Actually, there is limited support for .j2l levels, but it only works for certain versions of Jazz Jackrabbit 2. You also still need the JJ1 files (for the menus, etc.).
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