Anthropomorphic Android
The latest release contains some long overdue physics improvements, among other things.

That's not the biggest news, though. OpenJazz is now available for Android devices! Get it here, courtesy of Przemub.
16/9/'13 05:34
Hi Allister!
I've been trying to compile this for some time, but I always get a HUGE pile of "undefined reference" errors upon trying.
I'm on Ubuntu Linux, and I've tried make on the default Makefile and on the Makefile.debian file.
Are there building instructions somewhere?
I'd love to see it running on my Raspberry Pi, too! (Debian) :)

6/2/'14 03:01
Hi Vanfanel!
Sorry it's taken so long to respond! I don't know what the problem is, the Makefiles seem to be up-to-date. Could you please mail the error output to me at
8/3/'14 12:27
Hi Alister. I'm here because i have a question and Przemub is not answering. Maybe he is busy, i don't blame him. He helped me so far. I imported all the headers and CPP files required for Jazz2
in my android project. Now i want to know how do i use them. Can you help me please?
28/5/'14 17:11
Got it working. My fault for not knowing enough about how linux headers and libs are used in the building process back when I made that question :P<br />n
6/8/'14 23:55
Hi, can you fix the android download link?
openjazz android
28/10/'14 17:41
Alister please,how i can download jazz jackrabbit for android ?? there is error:Not Found<br />n<br />nThe requested URL /jazz/ was not found on this server.<br />n<br />nApache/2.2.15 (CentOS) Server at Port 80
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