Palette Suite
You can create new palettes automatically:
Blank palettes.
System palettes.
Greyscale palettes.
RGB palettes.

You can edit palette colours individually:
Using the standard Windows colour editor.
Using the built-in controls, with one of the supported colour modes.
Colour modes include: CMY, RGB, HSL, HSV & YUV.
Cut, copy, paste & clear colours.

You can apply special effects to your palette:
Manually select the entries you'd like to apply special effects to, or use the various automated selection tools.
Cut, copy, paste & clear the entries you've selected.
Automatically sort the entries in your selection.
Fill your selection with a single colour, create a gradient between the first and last entries, or apply an effect.
Effects include: brightness, contrast, negative, logical operations & colour channel swapping.

You can use your palette with an image:
By mantaining the existing mapping of indexed images.
By finding the nearest match in your palette for each pixel.
By dithering the image. Protect parts of your image from the dithering process using the "Protect colour" and "Protect grid" options.

Supports the following file formats:

Palette file format Extension Loadable colours Storable colours
Autodesk Animator .col 2 to 1024
Autodesk Animator Pro .col 2 to 1024
Adobe Color Table .act 2 to 256 2 to 256
CMP .cmp 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256
Dr. Halo .pal 256 256
Fractint .map 2 to 1024 2 to 256
Gimp 2 to 1024 2 to 1024
iPP Color Table .pal 16, 256 16, 256
JASC Paint Shop Pro .pal 2 to 1024 16, 256
Microsoft Draw .pal 1 to 99 1 to 99
RIFF .pal 2 to 1024 2 to 256
Windows Clipboard .clp 2 to 1024 2 to 1024
Generic .pal 2 to 1024

Image file format Extension Loadable colours
Deluxe Paint Animation .anm 256
Deluxe Paint Bitmap .lbm 2 to 1024
Gimp .xcf 2 to 256
Graphics Interchange Format - Global .gif 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256
Portable Network Graphics .png 2 to 1024
TARGA .tga 256
TIFF .tif, .tiff 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024
Windows Bitmap .bmp, .dib 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256
Windows Clipboard .clp 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024
ZSoft PC Paintbrush .pcx 16, 256

Changes by version:
Changes in v3.02
* Fixed the bug which caused program crashes when saving.
* The clearing of colours in the "Edit Values" tab can now be undone.
* The "Row Select" option can now be toggled with Ctrl+R.
* Processed images can now be copied to the clipboard.
* Fixed saving 4-bit processed images.
* The selection options can now be accessed via the drop-down menu in the
  "Apply Effects" tab.

Changes in v3.01
* Fixed the bug which made the text garbled on non-ANSI systems.
* You can now load palettes from ANI files.
* The "Use Palette" tab can now load CLP, DIB, LBM and some PCX images.
* Other minor fixes.

Changes in v3.00
* The entire program has been rewritten from scratch, but the interface bears a
  close resemblance to that of previous versions.
* The window can now be resized.
* It is now possible to create and edit palettes with as few as 2 entries, or as
  many as 1024 entries. Palettes with non-power-of-two sizes can now be edited
  as such.
* There are more options for creating new palettes.
* Adobe Color Table files can now be loaded.
* Palettes can now be loaded from GIMP image files.
* The loading of all formats is now more robust.
* Drag and drop has returned.
* There is no longer an "Export" option in the "File" menu. Instead, there is a
  new tab which allows more advanced application of palettes to images.
* The undo/redo system has been substantially altered.
* The "Swap Channels" and "Sort" sub-menus have been moved to the "Selection"
* It is now possible to sort entries by their deviation from the mean colour
* There is now a "Select Redundant" option in the "Select" menu, allowing you to
  locate duplicate colours.
* The "Settings" menu has been removed.
* There are no longer any file type notifications. They were unnecessary and
* The "Palette File" Tab has been removed. There is now an introduction stage
  instead, which is similar.
* The "Edit Palette" tab is now the "Edit Values" tab.
* The "Edit Palette" scrollbars have been replaced with more colourful
  alternatives. The edit boxes have been replaced with spin controls.
* Palette entries can now be edited in one of several colour modes, including
  RGB and HSL. The old 1-256 scale option has been reimplemented as the RGB+1
  colour mode.
* The index oval has been removed. The current index can now be seen in the
  status bar. The standard Windows colour editor can be accessed via the drop-
  down menu.
* "Edit Values" now has its own drop-down menu.
* The blank colour can now be set using either drop-down menu.
* The "Special Effects" tab is now the "Apply Effects" tab.
* The "Select Matches" menu option is now only available via the drop-down menu.
  There is also a "Select Brighter" and a "Select Darker" option. All three find
  colours with respect to the colour that was under the cursor when the menu was
* The "Palette Size" trackbar is gone. The size of the palette can now be
  changed via the "Edit" menu.
* The "Fill" and "Gradient" buttons have been removed. "Fill" can be accessed
  via the drop-down menu. It now uses the colour that was under the cursor when
  the menu was accessed. "Gradient" can be accessed via the "Selection" menu and
  the drop-down menu.
* The special effects have been revised.
* And more...

Changes in v2.32
* Fixed the loading of PNG palettes.

Changes in v2.31
* While in "Edit Palette", you can choose another colour by using the
  arrow keys while holding down the Alt key.
* The Edit menu now has a sub-menu named "Sort". the reverse function
  can now be found here, accompanied by a rotate function and
  function that sorts the colours according to their brightness.
* You can now save a 16 by 16 BMP file that displays all the colours
  in your palette.
* Other minor fixes.

Changes in v2.30
* You can now open and save GIMP palette files.
* You can now load PNG palettes.
* You can now load PCX .pal files.
* You can now load TIFF palettes.
* There is now an option (in the settings menu) to make the palette
  entries appear larger.
* The "Average" special effect now has a variable influence.
* GIF palettes with less than 16 colours will now be loaded, but into
  a 16-colour palette.
* MAP file loading has been made more robust.
* Many of the dialogue boxes' text has changed.
* Palette Suite (or rather the registry) now remembers the file type
  choice for opening palettes.
* Fixed bug which caused command-line specified files with spaces in
  their path names not to be loaded.
* There are further minor bug fixes and modifications.

Changes in v2.20
* You can now open and save MAP palette files.
* You can now load palettes from and export palettes to TGA files.
* You can now load palettes from and export palettes to LBM files.
* You can now export to DIB files.
* Improved the way MSD files are opened, add black to MSD option
* You can now save Dr. Halo palette files.
* Below the custom effect graph there is now a strip that shows
  the colour changes.
* Curve in the custom effect graph has been renamed to twist,
  and there is now a new type of curve.
* The chosen file format for saving is now preserved between sessions
* The chosen image format for exporting palettes is now preserved
  between sessions.
* Some problems with select matches have been fixed.
* New "Advanced Paste" special effect.
* There are other minor changes that will probably go unnoticed.

Changes in v2.10
* The name of the second scale option has been corrected to 1 - 256.
  Clicking on it now changes the type-in values values without having
  to go to another tab and back.
* There is now an Undo Selected feature which removes the last changes
  you made from the selected colours.
* Using Undo (or Undo Selected) now changes the scroll bars and the
  type-in values to their previous values.
* The chosen directories for opening, saving and exporting are now
  preserved between sessions.
* The chosen file format for saving palettes as is now preserved
  between sessions.
* All the selection-related menu options are now in their own menu,
* If you choose Select Matches from the pop-up menu having popped it
  up on the palette view, the matches selected are those of the
  colour you popped the menu up on.
* Row Select is back, and can be chosen from the new selection menu.
  You can tell if you are using it by the cursor in Special Effects.
* A few more very minor changes.

Changes in v2.00
* Where do I start?
* There is now a menu bar.
* There are now three ways to save:
  * Save: Saves the palette. If the current palette was not loaded
          from a file type that Palette Suite can save in, you have
          to choose a file to save it as.
  * Save As: Lets you choose a file to save your palette as.
  * Export: Puts the current palette in an image.
* You can now export to GIF files.
* You can now load palettes from 4 to 8 bit GIF global palettes,
  Dr. Halo palette files, DIB files, and clipboard image files.
* Clicking on the "New..." button now brings up another window in
  which you can create a custom 4 to 8 bit palette. This option is
  also available from the menu. To create a standard 16 colour
  palette, create a standard greyscale palette, or to create a blank
  palette, use the menu. You can still create a blank palette with the
  "Clear" button.
* All the buttons in the Palette File tab have been renamed.
* Undo, Copy and Paste are now found in the "Edit" menu and the
  pop up menu, along with the new Cut and Clear options.
* Select All, Select None, Invert Selection, and Select Matches are
  now all found in the "Edit" Menu and the pop up menu.
* To access the new popup menu, left click while in Special Effects.
* When you make a left-click selection, grey boxes now show what you
  are about to select.
* There are several new special effects: And, Or, Xor, and colour
  channel swapping. And, Or, and Xor are all used via the drop-down
  menu in the Special Effects tab, and channel swapping can be found
  in the Edit menu on the menu bar.
* Gradient now affects all selected colours, not just the first bunch.
* Negative effect fixed (and properly this time).
* Pressing "E" while the mouse is over a colour in the Special Effects
  tab brings up the standard windows colour editor so you can edit
  that colour.
* Loading a file can no longer be reversed by using "Undo".
* Settings are now loaded from the windows registry instead of an INI
  file, and settings are saved to the registry on exiting the program.
* The Details (formerly Settings) tab no longer exists. Scale and
  File Type Notification are now chosen from the settings menu. The
  palette size slider can now be found in Special Effects. To count
  the colours or to find the average colour, use the "Edit" menu.
* The default colour can now be changed by choosing the colour you want
  in Edit Palette and selecting "Set as blank colour" from the
  "Settings" menu.
* The menu can also be used to exit, load the Read Me file, load the
  Tips file, and bring up a new "About" window.
* To find out what the file type of the file that you are editing is,
  press F1. The file type will appear in the second panel of the
  status bar, but only if it is a type that Palette Suite can save.
  Press F1 again to get rid of this information.
* The format of the copy file has changed. It is now much smaller,
  but you can't copy between version 2.00 and a previous version
  (but why would you want to anyway?)

Changes in v1.40
* There is a new special effect for which you use a graph to
  determine the changes to be made to the selection. Choose "Custom"
  from the drop-down menu to use it.
* Variable negative preview now works with 0 values.
* "Matches" button moved and renamed as "Select Matches"
* When reading from the INI file, it reads from the v1.4 group.
* If the first colour of an MSD file is not black all the colours
  of the palette are shifted up one to make way for a black colour
  in the first entry (This can be turned off using the INI file).
* You can now export your palettes to suitable BMP and PCX files.
* "Settings" is now called "Details"
* There are a few other minor changes.

Changes in v1.34
* ALOT of bugs with the colour type-in boxes fixed.
* Variable negative works with 0 values.
* In "Palette Settings" there is now a button that finds the average
  colour of your palette.

Changes in v1.33
* You can now type in the colour values
* In "Palette Settings" there is now a button that counts the different
  colours in your palette.
* Pressing the new "Matches" button in the "Special Effects" section
  finds all the colours that match the colour currently selected in
  the "Edit Palette" section. If there are no matches, it finds
  colours that match the next one, and so on until there are matches.
  After this, for your convenience, the current colour jumps ahead

Changes in v1.32
* When you hold down the left mouse button on the Special Effects
  palette viewer and move the mouse, whichever entry the mouse moves
  over before you stop holding the mouse down will be selected or
  deselected, depending on what the first one was.
* When, on the Special Effects palette viewer, you push the right
  mouse button down and release it on a different entry, all the
  entries in between will be selected or deselected, depending on
  what the first one was.
* The row select has now been removed.
* The file extension verifier now works properly.
* The negative effect can now be adjusted.
* You can now undo the loading of a file with the undo button
  (you could before but it got rid of your last effect).
* There is now a preview option for the special effects.
* Some bugs with the special effects editor have been fixed.

Changes in v1.31
* You can now change the default colour by editing th INI file.
* Pressing C while in "Edit Palette" turns the current entry into
  the default colour.
* You can now copy and paste between instances (If you want to).
* Another minor bug fix.

Changes in v1.30
* Dragging a file over the program no longer works, due to a rather
  nasty bug it caused.
* More problems with the coloured oval have been fixed.
* The window is now wider and higher.
* The palette viewers have changed. The Special Effects one is now
  more comprehensible.
* When reading from the INI file, it reads from the v1.3 group.
* When you have an unsaved palette and try to load another, you
  now get a warning.
* When you "Paste", only the colours you have most recently copied
  are pasted.

Changes in v1.20
* When you change the palette size, the status bar now gives you
  the right amount of colours.
* The special effects (apart from fill and gradient) are now
  selected from a drop-down box, you then click "Use" to use them.
* Two new special effects: Paint and Superimpose.
* When reading from the INI file, it reads from the v1.10, 1.11
  or 1.2 group, whichever comes first.
* The coloured oval now updates properly.
* When closing the program, it asks you if you want to save changes
  even if you haven't used any special effects, but have changed
  your palette.

Changes in v1.11
* When you drag a file over the program's icon, it now gets the
  location of the Palette Suite files right.
* You can now drag a file onto Palette Suite and it will open the
* When reading from the INI file, it reads from the v1.10 or 1.11
  group, whichever comes first.
* When a value cannot be found in the group, it now gives up rather
  than search the next group.
* A bug which meant that the last value in the INI file had to have
  three new lines after it in order to work has now been fixed.
  P.S. If your file does not load correctly, try setting "LoadAs"
  to "none".


Copyright © Alister Thomson, 2000-2008.