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Down and Out in London (but not Paris)
I've now been living in London for two months. So, what's new?

I've made a film for the EMPS 24-hour film competition, which you can see on the new films page. Not long afterwards I went up to Edinburgh for this year's Golden Video Awards. No prize this year, but I did get to present the award for best soundtrack.

I have yet to find anyone who'll employ me, so OpenJazz has been receiving an unusual amount of attention of late. Expect bonus levels in the not-too-distant future!

Doctor Who got going again on Saturday. As has been established, I have a certain amount of affection for the show. I'm glad to say I do rather like the relaunch, despite (and perhaps, because of) it being a bit more of a kid's show now.

As for today, I've applied for a provisional driving licence. This involved relinquishing my passport. The general election has just been announced, so I hope I'll have it back come polling day. That said, I live in the 22nd safest Labour seat, so I doubt my vote will be missed.
Christopher Brooks
14/4/'10 13:19
I'm in the youtube preview picture of 3 out of the 5 films in your film section. Wooo, go me.

14/4/'10 20:33
...You are, as well. And the only one I appear in is the one I made on my own!
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