Once again, there are no grand new features in today's new version - just a whole load of small changes that bring the gameplay several steps closer to the original. Go get it!
15/2/'14 07:44

I was thinking about porting this to libretro, would you mind?

If you agree and we get something working would you accept the libretro port upstream?
21/2/'14 00:50
Sure, go ahead! I don't know what it would involve, but I imagine it would be possible to incorporate it later.
The latest release contains some long overdue physics improvements, among other things.

That's not the biggest news, though. OpenJazz is now available for Android devices! Get it here, courtesy of Przemub.
16/9/'13 05:34
Hi Allister!
I've been trying to compile this for some time, but I always get a HUGE pile of "undefined reference" errors upon trying.
I'm on Ubuntu Linux, and I've tried make on the default Makefile and on the Makefile.debian file.
Are there building instructions somewhere?
I'd love to see it running on my Raspberry Pi, too! (Debian) :)

6/2/'14 03:01
Hi Vanfanel!
Sorry it's taken so long to respond! I don't know what the problem is, the Makefiles seem to be up-to-date. Could you please mail the error output to me at
According to Wikipedia, today is the 18th anniversary of the first Jazz Jackrabbit™ game being released! To mark the occasion, I've released a new version.

Development has been slow recently, but since the last news update the following features have been added:
  • Slow motion.
  • The option to change the difficulty setting mid-game.
1/9/'12 21:06
I am not able to play any of Jazz Jackrabbit 2 levels :( Tried .j2l, .j2t, .LEV and none of them worked :(
27/3/'13 23:23
ofc this is for jazz, not for jazz2
23/7/'13 02:50
Actually, there is limited support for .j2l levels, but it only works for certain versions of Jazz Jackrabbit 2. You also still need the JJ1 files (for the menus, etc.).
This is the first post in almost a year! Apart from Newspaz getting the first boss to work, most updates in that time have been bug fixes. Today's, however, introduces a few new tricks:
  • Mouse-controlled menus.
  • You can choose (in the setup menu) to be followed around by as many birds as you free. This makes the secret bird level... different.
  • You can choose (again, in the setup menu) not to pick up carrots unless you need them. This can help prevent you running out of health, but you won't get the points.
Thursday's release was on Canada Day, so appropriately enough today's is on U.S. Independence Day.

This version makes several improvements to JJ2 levels. I forgot to mention that none of the JJ2 support would have been possible without Neobeo's documentation of the JJ2 file formats (available here). So, big thanks there!

Other improvements include Newspaz's fixes to enemies' shooting.
27/2/'14 10:43
I started to port jazz 2 to android. I managed to implement the main menu(Only new game works by now). The episode selection screen also works good but when it comes to loading the map... i fail. Character loading is going well but i have no idea how to load levels in android. I tried various methods but none worked. I would greatly appreciate if you would give me an advice or give me the code for that.
4/3/'14 13:50
Alister please reply. I really need your help :(